Ephesians 4:1-16

Yesterday we read about Paul’s prayer, and today we read about his personal plea to those in Ephesus, a message that stems from his desire to see those in the church in Ephesus acting like one going in one direction. It is a message that we seem to hear quite a lot, and not only that but it makes us wonder why do we need to hear it time and time again.

Maybe it is because we did not hear the prayer from the day before. Maybe we had not made room for Christ in our hearts, or maybe we are still trying to figure out who Christ is to us. Whatever the reason might be, we need to remember who we are as a church, that we are united in the one that called us and in that bond we have in God’s Spirit.

It is in that spirit that I am asking you to pray for the church as a whole, and then for our own church, for those you see day after day, that we too can continue to grow and mature so that the love of Christ can be evident in our lives.

Be Blessed,

Bo M.