Matthew 1:18, 2:1-12 

The Christmas story is so fascinating in part because it has so many interesting stories that seem to stretch beyond the time and place of Bethlehem. What we see in the Christmas story is all those prophecies from long ago coming to life in a way that makes one go wow.  And to add another layer to this story, we see people from different walks of life, different social status and even nationality being part of it. The Christmas Story is indeed the Gospel Story, salvation will come and people, rich and poor, jews and gentiles will see it and each one will have a chance to come and receive what God has done for them.

What stands out about this story, is that some strangers, some wise men from the East, maybe astronomers or scientists of the day or maybe just some very wise men, get to see that salvation but some of the chief priests and teachers of the law miss it all together. They knew the signs and prophecies too, they even know where but still they miss seeing the salvation of God. While many things can be said about them, the main point of the story is salvation has come, and those that have an open heart will get to go to Bethlehem and see it.

I pray that this Christmas each one of us can pause in the middle of all of it, and let our mind travel back to Bethlehem and may we find that stable and let our hearts be captured by the joy that the Emmanuel brings again and again.

Merry Christmas,

Bo M.