I Corinthians 3:10-23 (NIV)      I Corinthians 3:10-23 (The Message) 

Paul, through the grace of God, laid the foundations of many churches in his ministry.  And then there were many people who built upon the first foundations of those local churches. Of course the foundation of any church is Jesus Christ.  And the good news is that we, you and I, get to build upon the foundation of the church we serve and love.  It was true in Paul’s day and time and it’s just as true in our time.

This passage reminds us to give careful thought to how we build upon the foundation of the church. We can build well in our service and ministry and Paul means that when he writes “using gold, silver, costly stones.”    Or we can build poorly with our service and ministry and Paul mentions that when he writes “using wood, hay, or straw.”

One day we will be held accountable for how we did build upon the foundation of the church which is Jesus Christ.  If we built well then we will receive a reward; if not we will suffer loss, learning that what we did, didn’t meet God’s approval.  If what we gave was not pleasing to God it will burn up.  It will be as if we entered heaven having passed through the flames by the seat of our pants.

The community of faith, the church, is the temple of God in which God’s spirit dwells.  God wants us to build well when we serve the church.  The wisdom we need to do so comes from God in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Look to Jesus this day and ask, “Lord, how should I build up your church this day?”  May each one of us build with care, love, and joy– the church community that Jesus so loves and died for.  Build well this day.