Galatians 6:1-10

In this passage, Paul plays the part of a corporate CEO in addressing different issues and the actions of personnel within his organization. He calls for the following actions…

  1. He urges all employees to tactfully correct those who are doing wrong (v. 1).
  1. He commands the each, regardless of rank, to help each other (vv. 2-5).
  1. Paul tells each to share what they know (v. 6) with others in the organization freely. If one has been taught something beneficial share that something with someone else. This practice will minimize formalized training costs, apparently.
  1. There is a plea (vv. 7-9) to work smart and hard. It will pay off eventually.
  1. Finally, there is a call for common decency (v. 10) towards people everywhere, especially towards those within the organization.

I don’t see anything here that is particularly spiritual or religious. It is simply a litany of what should be Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for members of any organization. Certainly, these should be adhered as a bare minimum for members a Church under the jurisdiction of Christ. It is simply some good advice…

Craig Randolph