James 5:13-20

At the risk of minimizing the unbelievably inspiring message of the first six verses, I want to think about the last two for a minute.  Sometimes I worry that we’re not willing to go after each other.  We watch people slip out of fellowship with God.. or into a lifestyle that doesn’t please God.. or into a life of distraction from God and we don’t go after them.  Why?  Because its not entirely polite to suggest that someone is wrong.  This is pretty absurd really.  Of course we’re wrong sometimes! I’m wrong too.. just ask Shelby!  But for whatever reason, suggesting that someone is wrong in a church community is just unimaginable (at least.. suggesting it to their face:)    Maybe my reading of this passage is tainted by a hyper-aggressive personality, but I fear that we’ve traded the words, “I love you.. but I’m a little concerned about you and Phil….”  for the words, “Did you hear about Phil and Margaret?!?”    In an effort to be affable to everyone, we sometimes kill loving rebuke and along the way create a fraudulent harmony.