James 5:7-12

Patience and suffering, things that the Bible speaks quite a bit, might not be our favorite Christian virtues that we long for. Truth be told we might even try to avoid them in our social and cultural context.

And still patience and suffering, have so much to do with shaping our characters as followers of Christ. Even more so in the context of today’s passage, where it seems that James talks to people about getting along and being civil to one another because everyone is in the same boat. Patience and suffering, as virtues of the prophets, as virtues of you and I, as we go about meeting other brothers and sisters, that might be struggling just as we do.

I do not have it all together, I don’t have all the right answers, I get upset about trivial things and get consumed by passionate conversations just like the next guy. I know that about myself. But I also know that every day, is a new day where I receive grace and I am to extend grace. Every day is another day in God’s workshop where my own character and my whole being is being transformed in the same way yours is. And if I failed today, chances are I am not alone.So I am asking you to be patient with me, to “suffer” along side and pray for me as I do for you when I need to be patient to you.

And I pray that as we stay on that course, our lives indeed will be a gift, a blessing for many.

Be Blessed,

Bo M.