Rom 13:1-7

Can you think what motivated Paul to write these things? Picture yourself for a moment in Rome, under house arrest or in a prison cell, as you speak these words. Would you say the same things? Would you encourage people to be submissive to the authorities the same way Paul is speaking?

Some of those answers might be hard for us in our context today, because we live in a country governed by a constitution where individuals rights are at the center, where liberties and freedoms make the very fabric of our society.

Few years back when I became a citizen of this country, I had made a pledge to uphold the values and follow the rules of this great nation. in 2002, when I made US my home, I received a letter from President Bush addressed to all the people that took to journey to US and emigrate here. The letter simply said, be part of us, we welcome you be a good citizen, get involved, we need your gifts and talents, your energy and all you have to offer.
I think about that welcome letter from time to time, and I also think about my Christian responsibilities as citizen in the light of what Paul is writing. We are good citizens not out of fear, but because of who we are as Christians, as people of this land, we are all that because we live under the understanding that God is a God of peace and order. Faith has a way of changing things, ideas and people. Faith has a way of taking each one of us and our thinking and help us become better people, because we start to understand the principals that govern our lives in Christ.

This is my experience with this text. How about you? How do you see it? How do you understand the concept of submission?

I would love to hear your comments on this text, so please don’t be shy.

Bo M.