Romans 8:18-25

Reading today’s text made me thing of my parents trip this year. in part because these past two weeks had been really special for me, since my parents are finally on their first trip to the US, something that I had been waiting for 12 years. I cannot even start to speak about the good times I got to experience with the two of them; it’s something hard to describe, hard to put in word but so personal and rewarding. And all this comes after months of agonizing planning, fear and preparation, wait and doubt. But even on the prior months I can say that even in those times I looked forward with hope and expectation to the things to come.

Paul writes in a way to encourage us to look at the things to come, at the time when God will reign in and the creation will once again be in balance with the creator. But the good times are preceded by a time of wait, pain, growth and hope; a time that as Paul describes it as a time when the whole creation is pregnant, excepting. A time when the Spirit of God is working in us in ways we cannot understand. A time when we are being developed, when we deepen our own understanding of faith.

I do not know your share of growing pains or what God is doing in your life, but what i know is that when hope and faith intersect with your life you can find joy in that wait.

So today I pray for joy in waiting, for strength in hope.


Bo M.