Romans 7:7-13

Paul gives a fascinating explanation of the relationship between God’s Law and sin.  God gave us His law to show us the right way to live.  No shocker there.  Its a gift really, way better than wandering around in the dark wondering what that omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent being wants us to do.  Sin does something weird to humans though.  Without the law, Paul explains, we kinda like sin.  But once we realize its forbidden (for our own good) we suddenly looooove sin.  Its pretty obvious that Paul knows human nature.  I mean, I wasn’t really interested contents of the bathroom cabinets until I was told to stay out.  So how do we respond to this never ending desire to do what will ultimately destroy us?  I have a couple strategies.  First, look at the cross.  The cross reminds us that God wants the absolute best for us, not just to kill our fun.  Second, look at the effects.  A quick look at the newspaper shows us where sin leads.  Lets try to serve God and avoid the bathroom cabinets today.