Rusty Chain - Bude Canal. Bude, North CornwallRomans 7:1-6

The Law has a hold on us from the time we are born until we understand the grace of God, that is something that we cannot deny. The law will always be trying to creep in and remind us that we are not worthy, that we are sinners and whatever we do we will never measure up to God’s standard. The law in itself was meant to help us but in the end it became our enemy. And Romans helps us understand the difference between the Law and Grace.

Paul uses the imagine of marriage to describe the relation we now have to Christ. In this covenant that Christ has redeemed us, the law has lost that grip on us, we are free and able to follow Christ. For me, and I am sure some of you might share the same struggle,  understanding and living this new found freedom does not come easy. I want to live in forgiveness or generously giving of myself, I want to help out or go the extra mile, but many times i find myself going back to my old selfish ways. I want to walk that higher road that Christ calls me to walk, but instead I find myself walking the alone in the valley where instead of joy of serving or living free of guilt, i end up fighting insecurities or self doubt. And all this because the law is like an old chain that will drag me back, instead of understanding what freedom and grace God has given me.

I wish that we would be able to understand the heart of God, the things that the spirit of God is doing everyday, so that we would really fly like eagles on this new reality that we have in Christ. I wish we could see God “cheering” on the side line, encouraging us every single step. I wish we could understand that there is no chain to hold us back.

And that is my prayer for you today. Know that you are free and there is no chain.


Bo M.

Ps. If you did not see this kid yet please watch till the end, it’s a good reminder of what Romans is all about.