Acts 10:17-33

So, Bo described one of THE most pivotal events in history.  Previously, everyone had the idea that God was only for the Jews (never was supposed to be the case).  In yesterday’s passage, Bo described the moment when God made it clear; the gentiles aren’t unclean.  Pork isn’t unclean either.  In a moment God, not only changed our choice of breakfast meats, He also made it clear that the Gospel is for (and was always meant to be for) the Gentiles as well.  Suddenly the Apostles are free (even commanded) to go to those they had previously considered untouchable. The impact on Christian history in momentous.  The application is simple.. who are untouchable that we’re not reaching?  A room full of Romans?  Seriously.. give it some thought.  Maybe its time to reach out in some new ways to some new people. I’m open to suggestions.