i_ll_never_change_who_i_am_by_pupachu-d5xv3imWednesday, August 27
Morning: Pss. 65; 147:1–11
Evening: Pss. 125; 91
Job 6:1; 7:1–21
Acts 10:1–16
John 7:1–13

I never – Acts 10:1-16

How many of our faith lives stories start with a “i never” moment? Mine has quite a few of those sprinkles on it. From me saying there is no God, to I will never be in ministry, or to I will never work with kids. Yeah! You can see how that turned out… Not only does God has a sense of humor but I also believe that when God is calling us to do something, the Holy Spirit will work in us and preparing us for those good things that are in store for us. 

The interesting thing about today’s story is that God is moving the world, and Peter almost misses it. On on side we have Cornelius a god fearing soldier and family man, a man that exemplified faith through his life and his family way of living. And on the other side is Peter, a true jew that never stepped aside from the jewish ways, faithful to his upbringing to the core. Now if we are to apply our present day filter on this situation, this two people were going to different services at the same church. One of them is more progressive than the other, and the other one is more traditional than his contra part. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, it seems that God has something else in plan for them. It has to do with that two of them come together in a way that at the end will glorify God, and their own lives and ministries will be forever changed. It is because of moments like this that the church is what it is today. Can you imagine Luther or Calvin during their “i never” moments? Those moments when God wants to move and we still struggle with where we are? It is because of moments like these we can celebrate today the beauty of God’s grace and his work in the work. 

I pray that as we, as a church, experience our own “i never” moment, a moment where God is stretching our own faith, we would be as gracious as Peter and Cornelius, that we would be as open to what God is doing as they were even if that doesn’t fit with our own mold. I pray that we can be excited and full of anticipation, rejoicing and sharing with others what God is doing and how we as a congregation celebrate that. But even more so I pray that our own “I never” moments will always lead us closer to God and our lives will always be open to what God is doing.

Be blessed,

Bo M.