Job 2:1-13

I have a favorite verse in this passage, its the second half of verse ten.  Job has lost everything.  Children, wealth and personal health.  Job’s wife isn’t very helpful.  Her attitude?  Your life is over. Curse God and die.  Job’s response is something we should all heed when going through sickness, personal loss or marital problems (all of which Job was experiencing).  He said: “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?”   This is something I need to hear.  I’m more than willing to praise God that my townhouse has appreciated in the last year. That my sister-in-law is getting married tomorrow or that Shelby got a promotion a few months ago.  But am I equally willing to accept a car accident, an illness or a rough spot in our marriage? Usually not.

Its a little arrogant really.  Its like we’re all toddlers protesting at nap time.  Nap time is good for toddlers.  Adversity is good for Christians. But no, we only deserve good things.  Nevermind the grace God gave us. Forget the fact that we haven’t died of starvation yet.  Ignore the blessings of family and friendship. We deserve more; its entitlement Christianity. On the other hand, Job has the idea down cold.  May God help me willingly accept both trouble and blessing from God, realizing that what I really deserve is eternity apart from God.

This song always puts it into perspective for me.