Prepared Not UnpreparedThursday, August 21
Morning: Pss. 36; 147:12–20
Evening: Pss. 80; 27
Job 1:1–22
Acts 8:26–40
John 6:16–27

Today’s reading – Acts 8:26-40

So, Philip and the Ethiopian are on the same road, and God says to Philip you should go and stay close to that man, who knows maybe he might have some questions about my word. And Philip goes and does the exact thing that was asked of him. As a result the Ethiopian went back to his homeland having a new understanding of what God was doing and ultimately embracing the revelation of God’s promise in the person of Christ. 

Very simple lesson, and yet so powerful. It is about the place where providence meets a ready to receive heart, and also a ready to give spirit. The past few weeks I had struggled with this thought: How ready are we to receive what God is doing in us, in those around us? How ready am I to accept the fact that God is doing something new, and even if I have my own questions and doubts, sometimes even fear, God is at work in ways that I might not fully see or understand? How ready am I to stand up and share my own faith and convictions when that door opens up?

Ofcourse the answer depends from day to day, from person to person, and with all that if we are able to listen to that quiet voice of God, we should be able to step out in faith, be bold about what we believe and testify to what God is doing. 

Here are a few questions that I hope could be a great help to those of us that are sharing the same struggle:

1. What is God doing? And I mean that, what is God doing in your life, your family or church; what are those things that you can celebrate and share, what are those things that will build someone else that might need a little reminder that God is still at work.

2. What are you doing? What are the things you have been thinking about, what dod God reveal as you read the bible, or what helped you when you struggled? What are you doing to stay strong, unmoved on the foundation that is Christ?

3. What are other people doing? Is there something that someone else is doing that could help you on your path? Or is someone out there that needs a little encouragement and maybe a prayer or some sense of direction?

I pray that as you explore today’s story and ask your own questions, you can see the Ethiopians God has all around you, and I pray that you will have the courage to walk close to them so when they ask you can answer the same way Philip did.


Be blessed,


Bo M.