Tuesday, July 29
Morning: Pss. 54; 146 4257rusty_anchor
Evening: Pss. 28; 99
Judg. 2:1–5, 11–23
Rom. 16:17–27
Matt. 27:32–44

Psalm 54 – When the world is upside-down 

It happens to all of us from time to time. It happens more often that we would like. Something comes our way that rattles us, that makes us lose our balance and we start to struggle not only with our faith, but also with who we are, both as people of faith and also our confidence and personhood. There are times when something happens that turns our world upside-down.

It happened to David, and as a results he writes this psalm, a psalm that sounds more like a confession of faith than a prayer. It sounds like a anchor, a reminder of one’s faith, a way to become grounded again not because of who one person is but because of who God is. 

Christian faith is not about who we are, but about who God is. We need to remember our foundation, the things that keep us grounded and helps us rebalance our lives. And sometimes those things or answer come to us, by confessing our faith, but reaffirming our conviction of who God is. We need those reminders, because who we are depends of understanding who God is.

So who is God to you? For David, God was his strength, his hope and David understood that who he is, is about who God is. 

I pray that each and every day we would know who God is, and that would become our anchor in those times when our world turns upside-down.


Be Blessed.

Bo M.