Ps 57-7

Daily Readings:

Selected Text: Psalm 57 (TNIV)

Life got you down?  Having troubles?  Things not going the way you planned?  Facing some uncertainties?  This is another line I think we all stand in…more often than we think.  In 23 days (8/20) I will have surgery to fix my torn ACL and meniscus – a common procedure done arthroscopically today…just an hour and a half procedure out patient.  No problem…home in time to watch any one of those “amazing” day time TV offerings in the afternoon…..Right?

This Psalm is about David’s experience hiding from Saul in a cave (cf. 1 Sam. 22; 24). Despite David’s trials…the relentless pursuit of Saul…David expressed his desire that God be exalted. Amidst the “lions”, David prayed for deliverance from his enemies.  But notice what he does next…he sang a song of triumph for God’s faithful love with an expectation that whose out to get him would be caught in their own devices.  In an instance like this it is easy to understand, despite all of David’s issues, that he was a man after God’s heart (1 Sam 13:14).

There are many in our congregation, our community and the world, that are facing troubles and issues in their lives. Those struggling with how to pay the bills…those whose job is uncertain and/or causing them fits…those who are preparing to send their child to first grade or high school or college…maybe you are soon to be an empty nester – it’s hard letting your little birds go off on their own…maybe you are worried about entering high school or college…maybe you are facing health issues of your own…maybe you have had to make a decision to take a loved one off of life support…I think about Hope Lutheran who has lost a beloved pastor…or the many abused women in Joliet…I think about those many children at Angel House without parents or the families who must rummage through the garbage of Guatemala…the list is seemingly endless.

Let us be people after God’s heart and sing a song of praise and thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness!  Today…pray this psalm with yourself in mind…then pray with a friend or two in mind…and again for any one of many issues and troubles in our community and world…sing a song of triumph for God’s faithful love…praise God this day that he would be exalted, and that his glory would be over all the earth.