Saturday, July 26

Morning: Psalm 56, Psalm 149

Evening: Psalm 118, Psalm 111

First Lesson: Joshua 23:1-16

Second Lesson: Romans 15:25-33

Third Lesson:  Matthew 27:11-23

We see several themes in the passages for today. God supports us even through the struggles of life.  God is the One whom we can count on to keep his promises.  God, in and through Jesus, knows what it is to struggle and even die.

We see David (Ps. 56) crying out to God in a time of struggle and turmoil.  And when David is afraid he puts his trust in God.

In Psalm 118 we find struggle and rejection and victory, “Give thanks to the Lord his love endures forever… when hard pressed I cried to the Lord,…the stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.”

Paul certainly knew many struggles as he traveled from place to place visiting believers, strengthening the church, and starting new churches.  He asks the Christians in Rome to pray for him (Romans 15) as he makes his way to Jerusalem with his collection to help the poor and as he anticipates coming to Rome to see them.  The possibility of hardship and struggle were always there as Paul traveled.

Jesus endured the struggle of suffering through the ordeal of rejection and the cross.  Imagine his heart wrenching experience and what must have gone through his mind when he heard the cries for his crucifixion as he faced the hostile crowd and Pilate. Jesus may have remembered the words we read in Psalm 118, “the stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone” and found strength to endure.

God nevers fails to deliver on his promises to his people; promises for good and God seeks to do good to those who love him.  But in the end God will keep his promise to punish if we completely forsake him and serve other gods (Joshua 23).

In Psalms 149 and 111 we read how good God is and can join in our praises to the Lord.

Today, may we find comfort in knowing that God supports us in our struggles, keeps his promises, and seeks to do good.  “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”