Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comToday’s readings:

Friday, June 27
Morning: Pss. 130; 148
Evening: Pss. 32; 139
Num. 20:1–13
Rom. 5:12–21
Matt. 20:29–34



Matt. 20:29–34 – Two Blind man receive sight

Here is a bleak reality: need is all around us and at times it overwhelms who we are. I know we have heard over and over again that we need to pray, and have faith as we face these challenges. I also know that as people of faith we sometimes fail at the first requirement of prayer life: to actually ask, to pray for the things we need.

How many times did that happened to you? How many times you felt the need to just break down and cry out to God in your need? How many times you felt the need to express how you really feel before God? And how many times those prayers are left unsaid?

For me that happens more often that I would like, when I am hurt, when my spirit is crushed it’s easier for me to close up, to keep to myself and try to make things work rather than turning my thoughts and heart to God. It’s something I cannot explain, but it just happens. And then I read the story of the two blind man, that understand the meaning calling out and not be shy in their requests.

If there is one thing we learn today, it has to do with Christ being close to us, ready to respond and help. No matter of the condition we are in, no matter of the things going on, the hurt or pain in our lives, Christ is near and ready to restore us.

So today, be bold, open yourself up to God, and don’t be shy in pouring your heart out, talking to God honestly about what you are in need. You might be surprised about what can happen.


Bo M.