Wednesday, June 25  Lectionary Readings

Morning: Pss. 15; 147:1–11
Evening: Pss. 48; 4
Num. 16:36–50
Rom. 4:13–25
Matt. 20:1–16



My blog today is from Matt. 20:1-16

This parable is so beautiful and so full of meaning. It captures so many aspect of the church work and so many of the things that we get to see around us as we minister among those that God calls to serve.

The church has many levels of working bees. Some that get up early, and work all day, they know every little thing that’s needed in the church and they will make sure things gets done. Some people are a little late to the game, but they try to capture the vision of those ahead of them and soon you will not be able to distinguish between the first two. And then you have the late starters, who sometimes come in with fresh energy, new ideas and ready to turn the world upside down.

Jesus’s parable while speaks about the conflict that arises from the pay, it is a good reminder to us that working in God’s vineyard is always a good reason to rejoice and all that labour will be rewarded. Now I know some will say, that some people do not deserve it, that those that are barely involved should not get the same recognition as those that hold the fort on regular basis. I have seen that scenario in my ministry life more than I would like to remember. And when I see that, I want to remind people who all we do has a much deeper meaning and value than we think, and everyone’s effort is needed.

Church, ministry is indeed a team work, it is a good example that we cannot function by ourselves, and we need people to come along side sat different times with different set of skills in order for us to complete the task ahead of us.

This week is the perfect example of that. 200 kids attending VBS and 40-50 people making it all happening. Different skills, gifts and jobs, but when you see it you would thing it is one organism that just works.

I pray that today you will be encouraged by your own ministry, and also encourage someone who needs a little energy to continue faithfully in what they are doing for the Lord.

Be Blessed,

Bo M