Daniel 6

In 6th grade social studies in my school district, we focus on ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc. Also included in the curriculum is the plethora of religions that each civilization adopted. One concept that arose in ancient times in India with the development of Hinduism is the idea of karma, or the belief that our actions, good or bad, will eventually come back to us with either good or bad results…more or less anyway.
As I look at the whole of the story of Daniel being thrown into the lion’s den, I similarities between the outcome for both Daniel and the administrators and satraps and also the concept of karma. Although the idea of karma is typically tied to other religions, time and time again throughout the Bible, we see stories of how either faithful behavior or sinful behavior played a role in what God brought down on the Israelites.
In the case of Daniel, his faithfulness to God at first gets him in trouble as he falls into the trap set by his colleagues. However, in the end, Daniel gets the last laugh as God prohibits the lions from touching Daniel. Instead, the conspirators who tried to get Daniel killed become the snack for the lions. Not only the conspirators, but also their entire families were thrown to the lions. Through it all, Daniel’s faith never faltered.
In the same way, as we make our way through a life of faith, there will be many times when we will be tested, or when others take advantage of us in some way. But as the old saying goes, what goes around comes around. If we remain faithful to God, he will bless us many times over, as we have seen with other stories we have read for the blog, such as with Job in the past week. At the same time, those who try to deceive us will eventually have to answer for their behavior, and God will have the last say in their fate.
As we face hardship in our lives, may our faith remain true to the one who is ALWAYS faithful to us and who loves us. In the end, we will be blessed in ways we can only imagine.


Matt Blaser