II Samuel 5:1-12 (click on link below)


We see in Davide’s rise to become king over Israel the future seeds of the nations North-South division.  Here in this passage we read that David becomes king over all of Israel.  Notice that in Chapter 2 of II Samuel, David is king over only Judah, the southern portion of Israel.   The Northern tribes at this time were not for David but for one of Saul’s sons. This North and South conflict becomes a reality again once, David’s son, Solomon dies.  But in Chapter 5 of II Samuel David is made king over all of Israel.  For now there is much blessing.

Notice we read that “the Lord had established him as king over Israel and had exalted his kingdom for the sake of his people Israel” (II Samuel 5:12).  God through Samuel had anointed David king years ago and now the people anoint David king  and what God had wanted comes true.

When God establishes something it comes to reality.  How good it is to be the person God desires. How good it is to be involved in the ministry and mission to which God calls us.  David was called to Shepherd the people of Israel and be their ruler for the sake of the people of Israel.  God chose to bless the people, the nation through David’s rule and reign.

Think about what God calls you to do and to be in your ministry.  Are you being faithful to God’s calling?  If so, how is God blessing others through you?

Each one of us has a calling to some type of ministry, that’s some way of serving others as Jesus wants us to serve them.  How will you serve this day?  Who will you bless through your service?