2 Samuel 2:1-11

To get my point across we have to go back a little bit.  Aaaall the way back to 1st Samuel 24.  David has already been chosen by God to be the next king.  One problem: Saul is still king.  Not only is Saul still king but he’s a total tyrant.  David hasn’t done anything but make Saul look amazing.  Saul (like us at times) responds with jealousy and tries to kill David.  Saul hunts David down but when David gets a chance to kill Saul (1st Samuel 24) he passes and says: “I can’t touch someone appointed by God.”  The same thing happens again in 1 Samuel 26.

My point is this.  David had multiple opportunities to speed up the events in todays verses. He could have killed Saul and if he had wanted to or the massively popular David could’ve pulled off a coup d’etat.  Instead, he trusts God for his future.  He doesn’t play politics, undermine authority, bad mouth or take advantage of opportunities to make his rival look bad.  Long before I was a youth director I was a line cook.. a janitor.. a Michigan Avenue doorman and a barista.  In all these work enviroments politics and careful flattery/slander were the quickest way to a raise.  David gives us an example for us to follow in managing our work environments and futures;  do it the right way.  God may bless you and you might become the next King of Israel (highly unlikely) or you might get shredded because of your integrity.  David wasn’t too worried and we shouldn’t be either.  Relationship with God is worth it.