1 Samuel 17


Is this story of David and Goliath an allegory or the story of a local hero? Is this story more than just the recount of a battle in the annals of Israel? Yes and Yes. I think is both. From a historical point of view we have the precedent of conflicts being solved by appointed champions, rather than a blood bath. And when we concentrate our attention on the characters we see two champions going against each other, and skill with a slingshot prevailing over long hours of training and physical strength. we can make the case that all giants have a weak spot, and we can speak about the quickness of a young warrior vs. an old soldier.

But if we do just that we miss the allegory part of the story, you know the hidden secret. The part where David is more than a soldier, where he is anointed by God, where the spirit of God is with him. If we miss that part we miss the way this story becomes a parallel to our faith.

The fullness of this story though is when the two the historical account and the spiritual intersect, it is at that point that we realize that who we are in our faith and who we are as people go hand in hand. We have heard before: faith without works is dead, and works without faith are nothing to be proud off (I am paraphrasing).

David goes in front of Goliath knowing that God is on his side, but also sure of his skill with the slingshot and his agility. This is a good reminder to all of us that life for us as christian is both faith and preparation, is trust in God and perfecting who we are.

Life is more than a stone, is faith and work. Faith that God is present and will work through the skills, the situations, the things that made us who we are. And the same thing goes for work, the more we do, the more we are looking at who we are and the circumstances reflected in our lives the more we understand faith.

I pray that as David, at least in this instance, we can be masters of both, faith and person.

Be blessed,

Bo M.