Ruth 1:1-22

RuthAndNaomi_HiResNaomi many times gets eclipsed in
the story by Ruth. But there is no doubt in my mind that she is the main character in this story. Her life sets in motion everything that we read later on. From her pain, grief we see hope renewed, we see faith soaring and we see lives of those around her change. Think about it! Without Naomi, Ruth would off been a widow in a land away from the people of God, away from the covenant of family and ultimately away from the promise of God.

Yes, i will give you that Ruth’s attachment to Naomi and her obedience played a factor in her story. But then again Ruth’s story without Naomi could off been just another story of a widow. But when Naomi’s faith meets Ruth open heart that combination sets in motion a series of events that change their destiny and also the history of Israel.

And that brings me to you and me. To all the people who have been Naomi to us, that gave us faith when we were down, that helped us see the hope of tomorrow. For all those people we need to be thankful and recognize their impact on our lives. But we also own them something: being a Naomi too.

I pray that we can all experience the blessing of Naomi, and also extend that to someone who needs a glimpse of God.


Be blessed,

Bo M.