Great-Deal-Alert-MustardGenesis 15

This is an amazing story. It’s about the beauty of friendship, commitment, walking side by side and discovering a new level of commitment along the way.


Once you read about Abraham and God, you will soon understand that they had this type of back and forth relationship. You know the one where one seems to try to get something from the other, and sometimes bargaining for a little more? And the cool thing about it is that God is actually OK with the annoying friend that he has, that keeps on bargaining for everything.  That is a sign of deep commitment. And that defines us in the face of God.

Before our commitment to him, it is HIS commitment to us that carries us so much farther than we initial thought. It is because of that commitment and relationship that Abraham says: What can I do to get what you just said? It is because knowing that his friend, the God that called him out of his land, will ask nothing above what he can do, but in return reward him for his little act of faith.

Each day, we make bargains with God. And each day He is willing to make a new bargain with us, because of that commitment that he made to us. My dear friend, when was last time that you bargain with God? When you asked for: What will it take for me do get there? What do I have to do? God are you willing to help?

Whatever you do, remember that this bargain, this commitment requires to give something up, requires some sacrifice? So… Are you ready to bargain?

I pray that we all can find rest in the promises of God, and also that our prayer life will be challenged the same way that Abraham was.


Be Blessed.

Bo M.