Abraham Call

Today’s Passage:  Genesis 12:1-4 (NRSV)

Our first week of this new blog cycle has found us in the first 11 chapters of Genesis…can you imagine the frustration of our Triune God – the one who created from love for love – for relationships of love?  The Garden…Cain and Abel…the flood…tower of Babel – these stories have shown us as to what could have been but wasn’t because of a host of human failings.  And now…God decides to start a new project with Abram and Sarai  – “to make of you a great nation…all the families of earth will be blessed because of you”.  

However, as God often does, God decides to work through a most unlikely pair…old Abram and barren Sarai….hmmmmmmm…from this will come a great name…a great nation?  By now, there must have been many people on the earth after the flood…Abram and Sarai?  It is indeed interesting to look back to yesterday – to see that the tower builders were intent on making a name for themselves…for themselves.  Now it is God who is intent on making a great name out of Abram.  Abraham’s friends will be blessed, and his enemies will be cursed.

God commands…he doesn’t ask…he commands them to leave everything – they must see an uncertain future don’t you think?  But…they go!  This passage provides a powerful message for each of us…for those times in our lives when we are called to follow God even though we may not have a map to follow and, most likely, when we least expect it.   Whether joy filled or maybe even sorrow laden, the most important point coming from this story is the promise of God’s presence to show the way.

Blessings and peace to each as we contemplate when God will call us next…most likely when we least expect it…and knowing that the God who loves us will guide us!!