Genesis 9:1-17

Yesterday God saved Noah from His judgement and quite a few animals too.  They survived, they disembarked and Noah offered sacrifices.  God was pleased with Noah and gave Noah and his family dominion over creation.  Then God makes it clear that people, humans, are His highest creation and bear His image.  I’ve never noticed just how much this text has in common with the creation account.

After all that God makes a covenant.  A promise.  God interacts with His people regularly in covenants/loving legal agreements.  These agreements are very much like marraige covenants.  Sure they’re a legal process but much more than that both God’s covenants and our marital covenants are bound in relationship.  God covenants that He will never destroy the earth with water again.  There are two things about this covenant that are pretty great.  First, notice what Noah has to do to keep up his end of the bargain.  Nothing… that’s right, nothing.  Remind you of another covenant God has made?  The second great thing is that God decided to give us a natural reminder of His grace.  He gives Noah a sign.  For thousands of years now, people have looked at the rain that once destroyed the world and when a rainbow appeared and they thought; “God’s gracious”  We deserve wrath but we receive mercy.  Does it feel good fellow sinners?  To serve a God who gives grace with nothing in return?