Looking back the past few weeks of writings and dialog on this blog, I start to wonder why am I writing and why I am part of this blog. And for some reason i have been taken with the image of a fisherman going out and casting a broad net, in a way reaching out to as many people as I can, trying to rekindle  or stir up a new sense of faith, of spiritual depth that will bring us closer as a community. As this blog is a window on the main street that we call information highway, I keep in mind that some of the people who reach our store window are on a different spiritual walk, different stages of faith, believing or struggling with their faith. I am also conscious that for some this blog is more than something we read as a devotional, it can take the shape of a bible study or an encouragement that they need. And if you look at the styles of writings present on this blog you will see that we try to write to all people. Each one of us have different styles: Craig H. reminds me of one of my professor from seminary, Dale A. that one colleague in your group that is going to push you to think different, Micah M. the keeper of the faith that will always bring you back to the basics of our faith. As for myself I try to dabble in trying to make sense of life and God in practical terms that will be an encouragement to many.

I pray and hope that as we fellowship and share our own spiritual walk, we can be open, encouraging and looking for ways to get engaged and able to share our own ideas, things that we learned along the way, struggles, pains, fears and joy. I pray that as we do that, we can create an environment where more people will free to comment and engage daily. Yes i am talking to you, all of you that read this blog daily, and sometimes jump in, but at times decide to shy away. You are important part of this, and I desire that this blog will become a safe harbor for you. As always I am looking forward to your feedback, online and offline.

Thanks you for reading my little confession, have a blessed day and may you find life in the things we do here.  Bo.


genesis 6 -8

Oh where do I start today? Do I start with the pretty picture of the animals going  up in the ark? Or the pretty picture of the rainbow? Or maybe the great joy on people’s faces when the dove brought back the olive leaf?

That is of course the nice picture that so many times describes this event in the Biblical history. But how about the other side of the story? The part where there is not a lot of joy, or prettiness. The part where people are wicked, mean to the point where their own creator hates them. The part of the story where God is angry, where God steps away from picture.

That is the picture of the flood that so many times gets left out. In part because we do not like to speak about the God that destroyed his creation out of frustration and regret. But as we ignore that story we also ignore the part where God is in pain, suffers for those he created.

The story of the flood is indeed a story of redemption for both the creation and the creator. It is the story where the creation gets a second chance and the creator is willing to rewrite the rules. The flood is the story where we meet a God in pain, hurting for his creation to the point of regret. But even at that very moment there is grace. When you think that he will destroy the whole thing with one blow, grace is extended and creation gets a second chance.

And because of that understanding, we are part of the flood story. We become that reminder of grace even when we make God angry at us with our shortcomings. It is in those moments that we become grateful for a God that loves us that much.

The flood is a story of love, pain, agony, grace and second chances.

We are that story, but we are also people of grace and second chances. Let’s live out in that grace.


Be Blessed,

Bo M..