Genesis 1:1-25

So is this the way the world began? Is this the first glimpse of God we get? Is this the first trace of human race? Is this the very first picture that defines the existence of man for centuries to come?

Time and time again the Book of Genesis, is described as the Book of New Beginnings, The book of Firsts. As we will start exploring the lives of some of the most important characters in the Bible, we will encounter that feeling of “first” time and time again. As we learn about the way God revels himself to people, you guessed that”first” feeling will pop up again.

So, there are many things we could talk about: Who wrote the Book? Was there a first creation that was destroyed and God is taking a second chance here? How about Angels and Fallen Angels where and when were they created? How long did it take for the whole world to come to life? Was everything just there when God spoke or it took hundreds if not thousands of years for the creation to take place?

And then again we can get lost in the answers that we might receive, and trust me i am not going to even attempt to answers those here today.

Whatever sparks your interest as you read the book of Genesis, one thing is sure: Genesis is opening the door to the greater story that was ever written. The Story of God’s Love

That story is not just a thing for the past, something that is gathering dust somewhere on a bookshelf. That story continues to be written today in our own lives. And that is the part I want to talk to you about. The part where the amazing, the supernatural, the wow still happens and we tend to ignore it, because it became to familiar to mundane. The part where every day, good or bad it is a miracle in to itself, and we just want to get through and make it back to bed. The part where small victories, achievements are ignored or overlooked just because we lost the ability to celebrate the beauty of God.

I wish that we would have answers to the big questions, maybe a movie of the way this world, universe, cosmos came to be, and maybe in there we could satisfy our own thirst for knowledge. I wish even more that every single day would be lived with that amazement of “IT’S A FIRST”.

So today go explore, be amazed at the creation, at the story that it is still being written.

Be blessed.

Bo M.