Luke 12:35-48

Jesus is full of illustrations in the passage this morning.  Christ wants to make one thing exceptionally clear: be ready.  Don’t get distracted or be caught unaware.  In the first illustration Jesus tells the disciples to “stay dressed for action”.  The garments of the day weren’t particularly suited to work.  If one wanted to do some running or manual labor, you had to tuck the robes into the belt.  Jesus wants his hearers to be ready for work. He then describes a master who is out late at a wedding.  The servants of the house need to be ready to let him in, not asleep inside the house leaving the master out in the cold.  Just like the servants need to be ready for the master, we need to be ready for the return of Christ.

What I find really interesting about the passage is the end.  Jesus describes an actively disobedient servant who is harshly punished.  Then He describes a servant who wasn’t necessarily actively disobedient, just ignorant of the gravity of the situation.  What’s interesting to me is that even the ignorant servant is held responsible for his actions.  Whether ignorant or actively disobedient, God expects his servants to be ready.  Are you ready for work?  Are you ready for the return of Christ?