Luke 12:22-34

The Gospels are pretty sweet ride, we get to see it all.  We see Jesus spend three years telling everyone what’s up.  Is he gentle?  Sure.. but not if you’re cheating people in the temple and there’s a whip around. He’s vocal, gentle, brash and loving.  He can’t be bought and he won’t stop speaking the truth.  Then there are passages like this one.  These ones make me wince because Jesus turns His indomitable truth machine in my direction.

Jesus starts with “do not be anxious about your life…”  because God can and will take care of you. Verse 28 is where it starts to get sticky.  Jesus compares worry with “little faith…”  Essentially He’s saying, your worrying shows you don’t trust me. Ouch.  I don’t think Jesus is against stewardship, I mean, Jesus isn’t saying, “don’t worry about your health… cancel the gym membership and quadruple your bacon intake.”  That’s a completely different sense of the word worry. Instead, He’s making it clear that I’m not supposed to live in fear; He can take care of me.  Are you willing to give God your health?  How about your children? Their education?  Your marriage?  Our church?  Your 401k?  What if it doesn’t work out the way you think it should? Will God still be enough or will your worry turn to resentment? Oddly enough, God has always expected this kind of trust.  Whether its the disciples heading out without food or Paul singing songs in prison, we don’t see a whole lot of worrying out of God’s people.

Now that I’m reeling from conviction, it gets worse.  So what response does Jesus command?   Sell your possessions. Give them to those in need.  You don’t need to have a full checking account or a lot of stuff, God can take care of your needs. Trade your worthless gold for heavenly gold.  After all, our treasure can only be one place; its here or its in heaven. Passages like this make me wonder if I’m really conforming to Christ or if I’m just justifying my conformation to culture.