Luke 10:1-24

Yes, I know you have heard that simple message over and over again. And let’s be honest, as simple as the message is, those simple words scare most of us. But really, i do not want to talk about the who, hows and when one should speak about Jesus’s message.

I would rather speak about the second part of the story. The part where the disciples come back and share the stories of faith with each other. They speak about how the kingdom has come, about how they are received and all the things God has done. That is something i miss hearing in so many of our conversations. The times when we share our own life stories, those stories where God has done amazing things.

Sometimes that what we need, someone sharing their own stories. We seek to be superheroes of faith, but sometimes we lack the inspiration, the heroes, we miss seeing those that walked before us or along us and made a difference.

Maybe today you can share a little of your faith story something that will encourage someone. Maybe you can talk about that prayer that was answered, about being at the right place at the right time. What’s your story.

Be Blessed,

Bo M