Today’s passage, Hebrews 10:1-18, brings us to the climax of the first major theme in this powerful book:  THE SUPERIORITY OF CHRIST.  We have clearly seen how Christ is greater than the angels, greater than Moses, and greater than the Old Testament priesthood.  Now we are told in no uncertain terms that Christ’s sacrifice of his own blood is infinitely superior to the animal sacrifices of the Old Testament.  In fact, Christ himself said that God did not want and was never pleased with sacrifices burned on the alter!  Instead, by sacrificing himself, He canceled that first covenant.  And in so doing, we are to be “made holy” by the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all (verse 10), and this sacrifice is “…good for all time.”(verse 12)

What an awesome comfort it is to know that, imperfect as we are, through Christ, in God’s eyes we are now perfect, because God “…will remember our sins no more.”  And yet, I have to wonder about the phrase, “made holy”.  To be “made holy indicates a process, a progression, of growing in faith on a daily basis, in order to be set apart for God’s special purpose.  That’s a scary reality!  Has anyone not experienced how growing in faith can be excruciatingly painful? Don’t we often find ourselves crying out, “enough already”?   And yet, what keeps us going and growing is the sure knowledge that every circumstance, every daily experience, does serve God’s purpose for us.  Moreover, we can best discover that purpose by searching the Scriptures every day (as we are doing in this blog), and by deliberately applying God’s Word to all areas of our lives.   May God’s word guide us as we seek to know His unique intention for us this day.

Emma Sticklen