Hebrews 9:23-28

I’m not a big one for kudos, but as I’ve been shooting a little promo video for our daily devotional, it has become increasingly clear to me that God uses His word.  Whether its the lofty thoughts of Calvin and Spurgeon or a few Presbyterians hanging out online in Joliet, God uses His word.  Hopefully, as you reflect on your consistency in His word, you can see how God has worked in your life.

Today’s passage is just swimming in Old Testament law and custom.  In the author of Hebrew’s train of thought, it is becoming increasingly clear that Christ is the fulfillment of the Old Testament.  He’s the perfect high priest, sacrifice and mediator.  With Christ the whole Old Testament comes together in perfect harmony. In this particular section, the author is describing all these Old Testament pillars as mere copies or images of the glorious truth.  The holy of holies; an image of heaven itself.  Animal sacrifices; an image of the sacrifice of Christ.  Instead of animal sacrifices having to be made over and over, Christ is the perfect sacrifice who needed only to die once.  For the believer, this truth brings so much hope.  Our sins are paid: past, present and future.  We are not just innocent for our past sins, we are innocent for our future sins through the one atonement of the perfect sacrifice.  Our great sin is paid for by a great Savior.