Hebrews 9:1-22 

I love Indiana Jones!!! There is no doubt in my mind that his adventures have made an impression on my very theological view of some of the artifacts we see in the Bible. And today we are talking about the Tabernacle and the ARK!!! Now that’s just cool.

Think with me about the meaning of these two artifacts for those Hebrews that were walking through the desert. The tabernacle and the ark were the very presence of God, that very essence of life present with them at that very time and space. It is a notion that it’s just mind-blowing for me. Can you imagine seeking audience with God, and knowing exactly where to find him? How amazing that one tent was! That one tent was the very center of Israel’s life, it was the place that was first taken down before leaving to a new location, the first thing to go up when they reach that destination. It was the place where people met, worship and talked about life and the day-to-day business. All that in the very presence of God, right there in close proximity. And it was awesome! But then, some of the people where scared of hearing God’s voice, so they asked Moses to speak to God for them, and later on once the ark is moved in the Temple in Jerusalem, we find out that the people caught up in the formalities of the temple life, offerings and so on, and very little talk or understanding of what the ark meant.

And this is the point where, I am humbled by the realization that I am no different that those hebrew that walked, lived and build their lives around that one tent, around that ark. I am no different that any of those that found that living my life in the presence of God can be scary,  can stressful and demanding. I am no different that those that said: let me have an understanding of who God is, you tell me about it, i will listen to it, i might even come and perform my duties but please keep God locked up away from me.

I am humbled that as human beings we take God in his very fullness and make it conform to our level of comfort and understanding.

May today be one of those days when we live our lives in that one tent, close to, in the presence of God, and may we see our lives changed by his very presence.

Be blessed,

Bo M.