My senior year of high school I watched Detroit Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace constantly exclaim a single truth: “ball don’t lie!” He reminded us of the fact every time an opponent went to the free throw line and missed. His supposition was that an opponants missed foul shot suggested the original foul called was wrong. Truth be told he was often wrong. He got called for a lot of fouls and rightly so. Sometimes the ball did lie.

The author of Hebrews paints a much different picture of God. God doesn’t lie. When God makes a promise He keeps it, Old Testament or New. This is comforting news for the believer; we don’t need to wonder about God’s promises. We know beyond doubt that God keeps His word. If He says we are forgiven then we are forgiven indeed. If He says He will be with us, then we need not doubt, He is with us. God keeps His word. Rejoice this morning in a God who is faithful, a God who keeps His promises.