James 4:13-17

Truth be told, I’m really going to miss football.  I suppose loving football is cultural to some degree, but I’ve never played a game I love more.  One thing I will not miss is post game interviews.  It doesn’t always happen, but too often they end up being a stage for self-aggrandizement by extremely talented but apparently equally insecure fully grown men. The question I always wish I could ask the person spouting about their greatness is the same questions James is asking in the passage.  Essentially the question is: “did you make yourself great?” For professional athletes (no matter how much they may protest) the answer is no.  They are people who have been given massive amounts of physical ability by God.

No matter how hard I work, I’ll never beat Usain Bolt in a footrace, knock out Floyd Merriweather, out-think Bill Gates or out-preach Tim Keller. They’re all extremely talented but still have no reason to boast; they’re talent comes from God. James is clear, you might be a successful business person but its only because God blesses your plans. Pretending that you don’t rely on God for everything is just boasting, plain and simple.  Anyone who has ever had a serious illness, lost a job, experienced a natural disaster or even had house fire knows better than to think that they’re in control.  Instead of feigning our ability to control our futures, we should humble ourselves before the one who actually holds the future: God.  Ask yourself, where do you see this pride in your life?

I normally wouldn’t do this, but the Super Bowl is coming up and this is just too funny to not share.