Today’s Passage:  Luke 1:46-47 (NLT)

Ok, so what else do you say about these words…kind of gives me, and maybe you, a new perspective on a phrase that can often be overused…’praise the Lord’.  What do we really mean when we use this phrase?  Or hear this phrase from others?

Mary’s ‘Magnificat’ puts into perspective her love…her obedience…to the Lord – and there is tremendous joy in her heart!  How would you respond if you had just been told that your were going to be the mother of the Son of God?  Pretty heady stuff isn’t it?   Many today think of Mary as Catholic – but in this passage she is catholic – just like our confession the Apostles’ Creed states…the holy catholic Church – for all of us.  I’d say that Mary’s faith as depicted in her Magnificat gives credence to what many, and I, believe is her incredible faith.

Mary’s praise of God is tremendously personal – can you feel the emotion and passion in her words…her words comes from the core of her being.  She glorifies the Lord…she trusts the Lord…she loves the Lord.  Mary’s character is awesome and it sure sounds to me like her character comes from having an understanding of God’s character (reading the whole passage).  For a teenager carrying the Son of God, soon to travel 80 miles to reach Bethlehem…wow, what else is there to say!

There is a good question for all of us in Mary’s words…when we use the phrase ‘praise the Lord’, what is our intent – just another phrase or one that is filled with glory, honor, praise, trust and love for our God?