Psalm 105:1-4

Few days back I got a message from a proud father about his daughter’s homework. Emily said something so simple and yet so profound that he thought it something really neat to share. And YES it is.

When a child can understand what are some of those small thing that makes life special, it is really a thing to share. In part because we can see the beauty of God’s promise that is made during baptism, that as a church we will stand, help and support each family to bring their kids in the grace we also received. But also because at times we need to celebrate all the things that God is doing amongst us time and time again and again and we take them for granted.

Today’s psalm is about singing, telling of God’s great wonders and works among us. And i have to tell you, that sometimes even a person like myself can get caught up in the all the mundane, the pressures and negatives of every day life. And then I am reminded of the things that we need to appreciate, to value and speak about.

Things like sharing your faith, teaching a new generation of those percepts that have not only changed the way people see and interact with each other, but also change hearts and lives for eternity.

Those are things to build on because no matter what your days will bring, God has a story that he still writes everyday, and you are part of it. So take time to encourage someone with that story. You never know when what you share will cheer and give new hope and strength to someone that needs it.

Be blessed,

Bo M.