Psalm 75:1

Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks: for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare.


At the end of this week all I can say is: Seeing God at work through the people he calls his own it’s an amazing thing. We are blessed to see what God is doing, we are blessed to see people understanding love and reaching out to those around them, we are blessed to be able to be a blessing. And all that starts when each one of us say: Here I am, send me, let my life be used for your glory. That is what this week has been about.


So where are we now? Saturday we went to Coal City/ Diamond and got to see some of the destruction left behind, but also the way people all around responded to it. And it was a great thing to see. Today 100 Christmas stockings were picked up in no time during church, and a trip to Washington IL is being plan in the next two weeks.

So thank you for being open to helping others, thank you for being ready to help and share your stories. and know that what we have done this past week makes a difference.



Be Blessed,

Bo M.


Also I want to share with you an email Joyce received, about your efforts.



WOW!!  Thank you so much for sending this information.  We have been in awe of His people. showing His love, for our brothers & sisters in Washington through so many generous people!!!!  Please pass on a huge THANK YOU to your church from all of us!

The water is such a God-send when you are helping someone and the water comes by!!!!!  It is so refreshing and reminds you to take a few minutes for yourself so you can continue on…..

Everywhere I go, there are stories of how God’s hand was at work…Miracle after Miracle….maybe it was finding the parent’s wedding rings, animals or the big things of how people had damage all around them and didn’t have a single scratch or minimal injuries.  I am so grateful for all the generosity shown to our local communities.  We keep remembering that this phase is a marathon and not a sprint…we have to pace ourselves.

We are a faith-based community and it was the obedience to Him that saved so many people’s lives.  I hope that someone gathers stories and writes a book, because it would be a true testament to our very loving Heavenly Father!!

Thank you once again.