Acts 18:18-28 

Priscilla, Aquila and Apollos – say that 3 times fast .

Growing up in the Romanian Orthodox Church, i have became accustomed with a peculiar idea that described the reformed/protestant believers – “narrow-mindedness”.In part this idea (that i do not subscribe too) surfaced because most believers were not interested in dialoging with the their contra parts, and as you can imagine there was a lot of differences at play that made the two camps be at odds.

What the church needed at that time was this great trio that we find in today’s text. Between Apollos’s desire to preach and spread the word to new people and Priscilla and Aquila’s knowledge, we can see probably one of the best debate teams available at that time. Priscilla and Aquila had the experience of walking with Paul, being disciples, seeing the practical side of Christianity, the day to day work of ministry, the various answers that one receives when they preach the gospel. Apollo on the other side, was a very learned person, book smarts if you want to call him that,  someone very familiar with the narrative of Christ, possible a great public speaker, to sum it up just someone easy to listen to.

Now when Apollo preaches in Ephesus, he gets a good response from the people there, and even more so from Priscilla and Aquila. To the point where the three of them sit down and talk about his ministry in a way. To some extend we learn that Apollo receives the rest of the story of Jesus, the things that happened after he heard from John the Baptist that baptized him, maybe during this time he hear about the things that Jesus said and done in Jerusalem after his resurrection. We can only speculate on the things that the three spoke about.

What we know for sure is that Apollo grows in his ministry because of this opportunity to converse and engage others. He becomes a better preacher with more of a balanced view of the narrative. This story is great example of how church is done, excitement and exuberance meeting experience and practice seems to be a great formula. Even more so the ability of the three to grow together and learn from each other, makes me praying for all of us to be open minded and ready serve each other in the love of God.

Today let us be exuberant christian, full of zeal and excitement and open to experience the reality of life with passion for Christ.

Be Blessed,

Bo m.