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Verse 11 makes me happy. Paul says a few things to these people in Berea and they all crack open their Bibles to fact-check him.  These people didn’t mindlessly absorb the information in front of them, they filtered it through God’s Word.  I respect their dedication because its so much easier to just take the latest research, idea, best-seller, sermon, philosophy etc. and believe it without asking the question, does this line up with what God says?

This is especially relevant today.  It seems like everyone (our news sources, our sociology, our political parties, our schools, our magazines…)  expects us to buy a bill of goods without question.  I’m not saying we should just bury our heads in the sand and ignore them; as Christians we should always be learning.  At the end of the day however, our final authority is God’s Word.  We hold all ideology to that highest authority.  So the obvious question, how Berean are we?  Do we rigorously compare our opinions and ideas to God’s Word?  Or just accept whatever we’re presented with?