Acts 16:16-40

Have you ever been so annoyed with something that somebody did or say to you that you actually snapped? It seems that Paul did. At first we can say: Hey nothing wrong with that girl testifying on their behalf on who they are! She was spot on! They were indeed: “servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved.”

Let’s try to understand this a little different: so you are at lunch and you are praying for your meal, and the person next to you start berating you about your prayer. Or maybe you walk with a friend downtown when a homeless person is asking for some change, and the friends kind off laughs at you saying: You christians should have this thing down. The examples can go on and on, since we live in such a complex world where it seems that Christian values such as mercy, care are thrown in our face whenever we talk about welfare, global warming, affordable health care, right to life. You name it, and it is there!

Truth be told, sometimes i get annoyed myself with certain stereotypes imposed on me by the society. I am more than a bible reading man, I am more than a sunday church goer, I am more than a conservative or liberal christian! What I am is a person that each and every day tries to follow the teaching of the Nazarene carpenter, try to model the love that the Son of God showed while he walked the earth, I am a person that believes that when I read the Bible I get to know more about the grace of an eternal gracious, carrying God.

I can relate to Paul and his experience in this chapter way too easy. But there is something more to this story than a grumpy old man walking the street complaining. At the end Paul stands for what he believes and testifies to the true nature of who he is, as a believer and as a roman citizen.

So today i want to encourage you to be Annoyed! Stand up for your faith, for your personal beliefs, for a moment put all the political correctness aside and be a Paul! Stand on your two feet, and speak the truth about the God you love and follow. Speak about the true relationships, speak about care and responsibility, speak about mercy and justice, speak about what is important to you as a follower of Christ!

Why? Because when we are what we say we are people can relate to us, in the same way the jailor listened to Paul, and took an interest in what he was saying. Salvation entered that man’s house because Paul decide to take a stand about who he is.

Be bold my friend,


Bo m.