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Acts 15:1-20
I would have loved to see these first few verses play out in real life:

False Teacher: “Hi Paul and Barnabas, my name is Levi and I preach the Gospel.”
Paul: “Cool!  I love the Gospel!  What do you love most about the sacrifice/resurrection of Christ for our sin?”
False Teacher: “The circumcision part.”
(More Silence…..)
Barnabas: “I’m sorry Levi, Paul’s confused.  He thought you said something about a religious tradition being part of the Gospel.”
False Teacher: “I did. Christ’s death is a big part of salvation, but you also have to follow the law.  You know; ceremonial cleansing, priestly robes and the like. You can’t just flush 1000+ years of tradition down the drain. You have to do certain things in order to be saved!
Paul: (Sound of Head Exploding…)

To borrow from the cover of Tullian Tchividjian’s book: Jesus + Nothing = Everything. Its not about morality, tradition, happy marriages, raising successful children or anything else. Its about a righteous, just and glorious God and His redemption of mankind to be in relationship with Himself.  You can’t add anything to it.

Focus on this Gospel.  Focus on it more than you do your frustration with politics, your screw ups, your kids, our church, your spouse.  Focus on it more than the pleasure you get from watching football, going to your child’s soccer game or success at work.  Get up every morning and focus on the fact that no matter how bad our situation; by grace, it is far better than we deserve. May we give others the same grace that we’ve been given.