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There are two interesting things that God’s doing in the this passage.  The most obvious is that God is healing.  That’s pretty cool but not a huge surprise.  We know God’s sovereign over His creation and we saw a lot of this in the ministry of Christ. The second thing that is interesting is that Peter is ministering a little further from home than usual.  Up to this point, most of the book has been set in or around Jerusalem.  Early on Christianity was mostly a movement comprised of Jews.  In fact conservative Jewish Christians often tried to force Jewish custom and tradition on new converts.  They had a tendency to be a little suspicious of God’s movement in Gentile communities.

Peter probably would not have been completely comfortable in these cities and he certainly would not have been comfortable staying in the house of a tanner (being around dead animals was prohibited by Jewish law).  We see a willingness on the part of Peter to make himself uncomfortable for the sake of the Gospel.  He could have stayed home, stuck to his Hebrew traditions and probably still served God pretty well.  Peter insisted on more than that.  He had a view of God’s Kingdom that spanned cultural, traditional and racial boundaries.  He was willing to be uncomfortable to be used in the Kingdom of God.

How often is our faith driven by our preferences and comfort rather than what’s actually best for the Kingdom of God?