Blog Post Attempt 2.0.  Thanks to our early birds, Todd, Marvin and Tari, we found that I threw out a dead link last night in the email. This one should work. For the record, there’s 90 of us following the study and between 60-80 who visit the sight to do the reading.  May God’s continue to use His Word!

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It would have been pretty easy for Peter and John to downplay what had just happened to save their own skin (literally.. usually these confrontations ended in beatings)  They had every reason to fear; a good number of these men had put Jesus to death.  They could have said, “Well, we weren’t really trying to cause a fuss…”  or “We know you didn’t really understand who Jesus was…”  Instead when they’re questioned, Peter (filled with the Holy Spirit) says, “you want to know how we did this?  It was through Christ, who you murdered! But he’s alive and salvation is found in Him alone!”  There are about a hundred things about that sentence that the chiefs priests would have hated.

What’s funny, is that in my life I’m a little less vocal about the Gospel.  Paul said, “I’m not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation!” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge fan of trying to evangelize strangers, I firmly believe that we’re best equipped to witness to our friends and those we love (this assumes we have cultivated relationships with unbelievers) But sometimes, admittedly, I’m a little ashamed.  I serve a Jewish carpenter that no one’s seen in 2000 years.  Paul freely admits, the Gospel is foolishness to those without faith.  In fact its down right offensive, no one wants to hear they’re a sinner!  With all that in mind, I know I need to be more like Peter, not beating people over the head with a Bible, but loving them enough to give them the Gospel. The whole foolish, offensive, beautiful, amazing death and resurrection of Christ.