Acts 3:12-26

After the miracle occurred the first critics stepped up and expressed their opinions on what just happened. Some were filled with wonder, some were amazed at what just happened.

I can hear some of the people in the crowd saying: I know this man, I have seen him for many years at the gate asking for alms. Now I am wondering if he was a faker. And some on the other side of the court saying: It is by the power of God that this happened. Peter is the prophet!

Whatever their opinion, Peter takes the time and speaks to them about what’s important: The Son of God, Jesus that was crucified, and now risen and working through the Holy Spirit. So why do you doubt? Why do you wonder what is happening?

So here are a few questions i would like you to ponder:

Do you expect to see God at work?

Do you doubt that God will show up when you ask?

Do you ever question the results of your faith?

I would hope that we can all say with a sincere heart, that at no time we have a Peter type of faith, where God is more than head knowledge, more than i feel or not feel God right now, but rather a reality.

The God that Peter is preaching is real, is tangible, is present!

When our faith wobbles, do we wonder what caused that? Do we get a passing grade on trusting God?

Peter’s message to the people in the temple court is simple: you guys should know that this was going to happen, that the lame will walk when God is at work. You daughters and sons of Abraham should be able to recognize the times. So why don’t you expect God to work among you? Why do you doubt?

I pray that as you read Peter’s sermon your faith will be renewed, made strong by the reality of who God is, and in the days to come I pray that you can see that very faith at work in your life and touching those around you.


Bo M.